How Can I Get Center Discounts?

Discounts can be obtained for members of certain Research Centers (see below for a list). Typically these give you a 50% discount on sequencing, up to a limit. At the current basal recharge rate ($3.00) that means these Center Members pay only $1.50 per lane.

The Core staff (and specifically the Director) can give a PI access to a Center discount, but we cannot be responsible for designating which samples are related to Center-appropriate goals. Consequently, it is up to the PI or their lab members to indicate which samples - or perhaps which accounts - are to be granted a specific Center discount. Below are instructions on how to get discounted sequencing.

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Here are the steps you should follow in order to obtain a Center Discount:

  • Apply for Center membership. Usually this involves a simple application.
  • When membership is approved, ask the Center administrators to notify the Sequencing Core Director,
    (Dr. Robert Lyons), of this membership. The Core staff will enter your membership into our computer.
  • You then can obtain discounts using one of the following methods:

    • The PI can set a default discount for each account number:
      1. From the Core Home Page, click on 'PI Administration'.
      2. Enter the PI's login name and password and click 'Login'.
      3. Click on 'Accounts' to view and edit your list of valid accounts.
      4. Click on an account number for which Center discount is appropriate.
      5. There should be a pull-down menu of Centers. If the Core Director has properly entered your
        Center memberships, the list should now include all appropriate Centers. Select one.
      6. Click the 'Save Account Changes' button to permanently set the discount.
      Each of your accounts can have a different default discount.

    • The Lab Members can independently select the discount for each sample:
      This one's simple - just select the correct center in the pull-down menu of the 'Sample Submission' page.

    • Only VALID centers will appear in these pull-down menus, so if you see it, you can use it.

  • Samples submitted before the discount was requested will NOT be given the discount, even though they may
    not yet have been sequenced. All discounts must be requested during the sample submission process. We will
    not be responsible for applying any discounts after the samples are entered into our computer.

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