Small RNA Seq library prep

Preparation of total RNA for small RNA Sequencing. Profiling micro RNAs and other non-coding RNA for any organism. Total RNA or purified small RNA fragments are adapter ligated and reverse transcribed, PCR amplified and gel purified.


Small RNA Seq library prep

Illumina HiSeq Libraries
Small RNA Sequencing
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Typical Output

Illumina ready library.

How to Request

Sample Submission: login through then choose ‘Illumina Sequencing’

Sample Requirements

Good quality total RNA 100ng in 10ul

Typical Turnaround

3 weeks

Critical Information

Only profiling of small RNA can be done using this prep. 

More Information

Please discuss your RNA Seq project with your bioinformaticist or contact the University of Michigan's Bioinformatics Core ( before you begin your project.

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