qPCR : OpenArray Panels

OpenArray® Pathway Panels offer the ability to analyze several commonly studied gene families that are involved in disease states, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, and cellular or physiologic pathways. Up to four samples can be screened against 600+ genes, including several popular endogenous control targets, on a single OpenArray® Plate (the equivalent of up to seven, 384-well plates), which is thermal-cycled and imaged on the OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System. The system enables researchers to process over 8,000 real-time PCR assays simultaneously, generating 24,000+ data points per run. OpenArray® Real-Time PCR Panels (pathways) deliver optimized SYBR® assays in a more flexible, high-throughput format. These fixed-content panels include optimized SYBR® Assays that are pre-loaded onto the OpenArray® Plate. Panels are also available to assess miRNA.


qPCR : OpenArray Panels

LifeTechnologies OpenArray Panels
Gene Expression Analysis
Primary Contact

Christopher Krebs, Manager, UM DNA Sequencing Core




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Typical Output

Report containing statistical assessment of comparative groups is provided along with the raw Ct data in format compatible with Microsoft Excel.

How to Request

Sample Submission: go to http://seqcore.brcf.med.umich.edu then choose “Microarray Gene Expression Analysis”

Sample Requirements

A minimum of 250 ng total RNA for Standard Processing

A minimum of 10 ng total RNA for High Sensitivity Processing

Typical Turnaround

3 to 4 weeks, however, timing is dependent on availability of arrays, which are purchased as needed.

Critical Information

RNA quality and concentration are confirmed for an additional fee (see QC FAQ) before beginning any Microarray project. Please consult with the Manager before submitting samples that are known or suspected to be of low concentration or highly degraded (i.e., from FFPE sources

More Information

For a list of arrays available, product descriptions and additional technical information, go to the ThermoFisher Scientific website or the Life Technologies PunchOut via M-Marketsite:

For more information about RNA quality checks, go to: FAQ for QC

For other options for gene expression analysis (e.g., RNA-seq) go to: FAQ for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).