New products from Affymetrix for Gene Expression Analysis and Microbial and Human Genotyping

This summer Affymetrix launched several new arrays that leverage the most up-to-date knowledge of genomes and transcriptomes and offer two new focused approaches to genomic medicine. While the array content is new, the sample prep requirements have not changed. Because of this, we can offer these products immediately. Moreover, if you’ve run Affy arrays in the past, your overall project costs will likely remain the same or, in some cases, may even be less.

The new arrays are:



Axiom Microbiome

Axiom Precision Medicine Research


Clariom-S & Clariom-D

Despite sounding like a popular allergy medicine, these two new arrays combine to give you either a “surface” or “deep” view of the transcriptome. The probes have been designed using annotation as current as April 2016 from the broadest set of databases yet. The surface-view or S arrays contain probes for > 20,000 well-annotated genes, while the deep-view or D arrays interrogate > 500,000 transcripts, including splice variants, rare RNA isoforms and long-noncoding RNA.

For those of you trying to decide between microarrays and RNA-seq, the new Clariom-D array will allow you to interrogate elements within the transcriptome, such as long-noncoding RNA and alternative splice variants that would otherwise require deep sequencing of your RNA-seq libraries. Click here to see how arrays compare to RNA-seq (EMI06543_3_Brochure_Array_or_Seq_0316_WEB.pdf).

Both types of Clariom arrays are available in single-sample cartridges. Clariom-S is also available in the 24-array plate format. In addition to human, the Clariom line extends to rat and mouse, as well.


Axiom Microbiome

The Axiom Microbiome Array provides the power to detect microbial content in complex samples across five domains. The array content includes probes to > 11,000 organisms and allows detection to species and strain levels, where available. Arrays are configured in 24- and 96-array plate formats. The Axiom Microbial Detection Analysis Software (MiDAS) is easy-to-use and available as a free download from the Affy website.


Axiom Precision Medicine Research (PMR)

Axiom PMR Arrays contain > 900,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), copy number variants (CNV), and insertion/deletion (indel) markers along with a genome-wide association studies (GWAS) imputation module covering all five major ancestral population groups for dense genotyping. Probes cover common and rare variants including markers of clinical relevance, pharmacogenomics, cancer variants and HLA alleles. Axiom HLA Analysis software provides improved imputation of HLA alleles in multi-ethnic populations. Comprehensive analysis support and marker customization capabilities are available with no minimum sample commitments.

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