Illumina Exome Sequencing

DNA is fragmented to 250bp using standard Covaris sonication. Fragmented DNA is then prepared as a standard Illumina gDNAlibrary using IntegenX reagents on the Apollo instrument, where the fragments are end repaired, A tailed, and adapter ligated. Then the samples are PCR amplified. Libraries are checked for quality and quantity, then pooled for capture 2-6 samples per pool (based on your request and your bioinformaticist's advice). Each pool then undergoes exome capture (enrichment) using the Roche Nimblegen SeqCap EZ v3.0 according to the manufacturer’s protocols (Roche Nimblegen, Indianapolis, IN). The SeqCap EZ Human Exome Library v3.0 covers 64 Mb of coding exons and miRNAs. This service yields the exome-enriched libraries, but sequencing is an extra expense. Please consult with your bioinformaticist to determine appropriate parameters for sequencing, and required depth of sequencing.


Illumina Exome Sequencing

Illumina HiSeq Libraries
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Typical Output

Illumina ready library

How to Request

Sample Submission: login through then choose ‘Illumina Sequencing’

Sample Requirements

1ug of good quality genomic DNA

Typical Turnaround

4 weeks

Critical Information

We only stock the human kit. If you are looking for exome analysis of another species please contact us.