PyroMark CpG Analysis

PyroMark provides real-time sequence information, highly suitable for methylation analysis. PyroMark CpG Assays are the only genomewide, predesigned methylation assays for Pyrosequencing analysis that use a tailored design algorithm for highly specific assay design and successful CpG methylation results. The assay database includes over 84,000 individual assays for gene-specific human, mouse, and rat CpG sites. PyroMark also offers predesigned assays for validating results from methylation arrays such as the HumanMethylation450K BeadChip array.


PyroMark CpG Analysis

PyroMark Q96 MD and PyroMark Q96 Vacuum Workstation
Methylation Analysis
Primary Contact

Ellen Pedersen

Research Specialist: Sequenom and PyroMark Services

University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core

NCRC Building 14 Room 134


Typical Output

Plate Report (text or Excel file) containing methylation percentages and sample/well quality metrics, along with Pyrograms depicting spectra for each well/sample.

How to Request

Contact Dr. Lyons for initial consultation; if he deems project appropriate for PyroMark, contact Ellen Pedersen.

Sample Requirements

Sample prep according to Qiagen’s specifications; Ellen will arrange direct support from Qiagen to ensure optimization of bisulfite-converted and amplified products prior to sample submission for pyrosequencing.

Typical Turnaround

Depends on project queue; each plate/run requires ~4 hours to process.

Critical Information

If custom Assay Design is completed by Core, the costs will involve additional labor charges billed at the current approved PyroMark Tech hour rate, which will be added to the current per plate recharge rate.