Principal Investigator Administrative System

The Principal Investigator (PI) or a designated representative is responsible for controlling who submits samples for sequencing and what accounts they use to pay the service fee. This document describes how the PI goes about this task. A separate page gives a summary of the responsibilities of the PI.

A section below tells how to do each of the PI adminstrative tasks, but to do any of these, you must first (1) bring up the SeqCore's PI Administration page on your browser, (2) supply the PI's login and (3) supply the PI's password as requested. If the PI has lost the password, click here.

The PI (or authorized members of the PI's lab) can manage shortcodes, lab members and expenditures in the UM DNA Sequencing Core using the PI Administration System. This system is accessed via the Core's login pages (the same ones you might use to Submit Samples). Log in with the PILogin, your own login name in the second blank ("Who are you?") and the Lab Password. The PILogin name and lab members' Login names are often just their surnames, in all lower case. If nobody remembers the Lab Password, please click here.

Once logged in, the PI - and any lab members whom the PI has authorized - will see an extra button "PI Administration". Note that at first, ONLY the PI can access PI Administration. However, the PI can authorize other lab members to perform PI Administration on his/her behalf. Within PI Administration, click on "Lab Members", click on any lab member's name, then look for a checkbox that authorizes that person to perform the PI Administration tasks. Check that box, save the changes, and the next time that lab member logs in, they too will see the "PI Administration" button.

Principal Investigator Administration System

Once in the PI Administration System, you will be shown the following menu:


Here's what each of the buttons do:

  • PI Info

    Click on this one to view or to update your name, password, address, fax, email address, department, and/or telephone number. Please make sure that this information is kept current. The email address may especially be needed in order to return results properly in some situations.

    This section also has the 'IBC' checkbox, which the PI must check in order to be allowed to submit samples to the Core. Please click here for more information.

    Off-campus PI's are not allowed to edit their information once it has been created, however. Please email the Core Director if any changes need be made.

  • Accounts

    The PI can keep a list of accounts to which sequencing reactions may be charged. Each account has a start date, an end date, a description and a default discount. Use this option to add or delete accounts, or to update information for existing accounts.

    Specific information saved for each account:

    Account No:
    The button will lead you to view and edit the details of the account with the account number
    Start Date:
    You won't be allowed to charge samples to an account before it's start date. Other than this, it's not important what you enter here.
    Finish Date*:
    After the end date, the account can no longer be used to charge samples. You should try to use the real end date for the account, if at all possible, as it provides some protection against overspending accounts with fixed termination dates such as federal grant accounts.
    This is up to you. It's there only so you can remember what each account is.
    Administering Department:
    Someone in a departmental office somewhere wants to balance these accounts for you, and you need to set this to their department. It defaults to the same department as you (the PI), but if you are a member of another administrative unit (like MHRI or LSI, for example), please consider whether that unit instead will be balancing this account.
    Default Center Discount:
    Each account may be eligible for discount rates due to its affiliation with certain Research Centers or other groups. You will be given the opportunity to designate a center affiliation, if appropriate. Only those Centers for which your membership has been verified will appear in your list. If you are not a member of any Center, your choices will be limited.

    Also on that Center Discount list are choices which add a surcharge instead of a discount: Off Campus, and Off Campus Non-Profit.

    Lab Members Allowed to Use This Account:
    To allow lab members to use an account, check the box in front of the listed lab member's name.
  • Lab Members

    The PI can enter a list of the members of his/her laboratory. Each of these people is granted access only to those accounts the PI deems appropriate. If desired, the PI may grant any individual the right to spend money from all laboratory accounts without further cross-checks.

    *** IMPORTANT! *** If members of the laboratory submit samples for sequencing, the results are sent to their own email box. These email addresses must be kept up to date!

  • All Samples

    With this button, you can get a list of all samples currently active (in the queue or currently running) from your lab, or samples previously sequenced at any time by your lab members.

  • Billings

    Here's where you can get complete details about services we've previously performed for you. You can use this to verify charges, determine if the proper discount was requested, or find out if unauthorized people are charging to your accounts. (Your Departmental Administrator also has access to a similar web page).

    Some useful searches you can perform:
    List Pending Charges
    We accumulate charges for an entire calendar month (or for off-campus clients, typically for an entire Fiscal Quarter), and then after the close of that period, we submit those charges to the Service Unit Billing system, and they appear on your next SOA. Until we issue a billing, these are considered 'Pending Charges'. Search here if you want to see a list of the charges that WILL hit your account after the next end-of-month.
    List Issued Charges:
    If you are trying to resolve your SOA, here's where you look for a list of samples billed to you. Remember that we submit Service Unit Billings for an entire calendar month, and it hits your SOA after the close of the month. Enter the range of dates during which the samples were processed. For example, an entry on your SOA dated 06-Aug-07 would be from the July services, so search from 01-Jul-07 through 01-Aug-07 (NOTE that the ending date must be one day AFTER the last date you want to search).

    If your Statement of Account shows a line-item transaction from the Sequencing Core that includes a phrase like "TRANID:######", this is a Transaction ID from our billing database. You can see the details of that transaction in the "PI Administration" section of our web site by clicking on the "Billings" button and searching for that TranID number within "List Issued Charges"

  • Centers

    This will tell you what Center Discounts are available to you, and can give you a summary of your recent Center usage.

  • Logout

    Use this option to leave the PI Administrative menu. It prevents someone from using the 'back' button to modify your lab's administrative information.