Genomic DNA Isolation

Isolation of high quality genomic DNA suitable for Next Generation Sequencing as well as a wide variety of genotyping and analytical methods.


Genomic DNA Isolation

Genomic DNA Isolation
Primary Contact

Christopher Krebs, Manager, UM DNA Sequencing Core



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Typical Output

160 – 500 ug DNA from 10 ml whole blood

5 – 10 ug DNA from 106 cells

1 – 10 ug DNA from 400 ul saliva + stabilizing solution (e.g., Norgen Biotek)

How to Request

Sample Submission: go to then choose “Genomic DNA Isolation”

Sample Requirements

Unfrozen whole blood or cell lysates must be delivered on ice.

Frozen blood, cells or lysates must be delivered on dry ice.

Saliva collection tubes from Norgen or Oragene contain stabilizers, compatible with our isolation methods that allow long-term storage and delivery at room temp.

Typical Turnaround

48 to 72 hrs. for batches of 100 or less.

Throughput (throughput fluctuates when sample sizes > 200):

blood – 48 samples per week

saliva – 192 samples per week

Critical Information

For large projects with cumulative sample collection strategies, please consult with the Manager to coordinate workflow.

More Information

For more information on the products used for this service, go to the following websites: