Why aren't I getting my Center Discounts?

There are several reasons you may not be getting discounted sequencing:

  1. You are not approved to use the Center's discount.

    You must apply for membership with the Center, AND for some Centers, you must request the use of their DNA Sequencing discount in a separate application. It's their policy, not mine. Sorry.

  2. The Center may not have notified Dr. Lyons of your eligibility.

    This usually doesn't happen.

  3. The Core Director may not have entered your eligibility in the computer.

    This usually doesn't happen.

  4. You and your lab members haven't been selecting that discount.

    This is a very common problem. There are two ways to request the discount when dealing with the DNA Sequencing Core:

    Either of these would get you discounted sequencing. If you're an approved member that has not been getting discounted sequencing, you are apparently doing neither one. Or...

  5. You may have hit your PI Cap for that Center, or the Center may have hit its overall cap.

    Check your past billings and see if you used to get the discount. If you did, and it's simply not showing up in the pop-up option boxes, it's a good bet that you've hit the PI Cap (or the Center reached its cap).

    Note that sometimes PI Caps are raised, if for example the center hasn't been requested enough. You may see that Center reappear as an option for you if the Cap gets increased.

    I will soon add a section to the PI Administration page that allows PIs to find out how much discount they've received from any Center, and what the current Cap is. Stay tuned.

    Please review the page How do I get Discounted Sequencing? for how to proceed.