Why do Centers Provide Center Discounts?

To improve the quality of research at U of M, several Research Centers have
been established that provide support for research endeavors. Typically supported
through NIH P-30 Center Grants (or similar mechanisms), these Centers often give
their members benefits such as discounts for use of the Core labs, to be used
for work appropriate for the Center's focus.

It is a key point that each Center supports only research along specific lines.
Many Principal Investigators have multiple grants, and only some of these may
support research relevent to a particular Center. It would be inappropriate to
award discounts to all the grants for one PI.

The Core staff (and specifically the Director) can give a PI access to
a Center discount, but we cannot be responsible for designating which accounts are
used for Center-appropriate studies. Consequently, it is up to the PI to indicate
which accounts, or even which specific samples, are to be granted a specific Center