Who Can Submit Samples to the UM DNA Sequencing Core?

The University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core handles ONLY RESEARCH SAMPLES, and is primarily intended to service the U-M research community.

Within some significant limits, we can sometimes accept sequencing samples from legitimate research institutions elsewhere. Click here for more information.

Please Note:
  • We DO NOT accept samples from the lay public.
  • We are not CLIA-certified; we cannot accept clinical samples.
  • We do not perform paternity testing or human identity/relationship testing.
  • We can accept only PREPARED DNA samples, not tissue or unpurified samples.
  • We perform only raw sequencing; the client is expected to interpret the results, assemble the sequence and design any needed primers.

There are a few minor restrictions even for members of the University of Michigan:

  • You MUST have a valid University account number. Please ensure that start and end dates entered into our computer are accurate.
  • You MUST comply with the recombinant DNA regulations as set forth by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (formerly known as the Biomedical Research Review Committee or BRRC). You will be required to check a box indicating that you are in compliance.
  • The PI must have a current, valid 'umich.edu' email address (or have an address verified by the Core Director)