Why Won't the Computer Let Me Submit Samples?

OK - I clicked on 'Submit Samples' and entered my PI's name and my name. When I clicked 'Login', the system wouldn't let me continue. Why won't your computer system allow me to submit samples??

You need to read the computer screen to get the error message. Here are some of the error messages, and what to do about them:

Error - invalid PI Login or User Login.

This one's fairly simple. Either the 'PI Login' you entered was incorrect, or the 'User Login' was incorrect.
  • Is your PI entered into our system? We can't accept your samples until they are.
  • Are you using the right PI Login? Usually it's just the PI's surname, but sometimes you must prepend it with the first initial. If you are in the "dvader" lab, some else is probably 'vader', and you shouldn't try to log in with that. Ask someone else in your lab if you are unsure of the PILogin.
  • Are YOU entered as a member of the PI's lab? Ask the PI (or whoever keeps up the lab's records in our computer) to check whether you're listed as a lab member, using PI Administration (see directions here).
  • Are you using the right user login name for yourself? Again, usually just the user's surname.

You do not have access to any valid account numbers.

Here you need to look at the rest of the error message. It tells you exactly what to do. Basically, either:

  • There are no valid account numbers entered for your PI, OR
  • All the valid accounts are past their listed expiration dates, OR
  • Your PI hasn't clicked the box(es) that let you spend money from any valid accounts.

You may know that your account numbers are valid, but if someone entered them into our computer with the wrong ending date, our computer will blindly refuse to let you continue! Even if our system has the correct ending date on one account, if your namedidn't get a checkmark next to it for that account, you are not supposed to be spending that money.

The fix for these problems is in the PI Administration system (see directions here). Get the PI (or a senior lab member) to update our computer information regarding your lab.

Sorry - you've not checked the box indicating you have BRRC approval to perform recombinant DNA work.

All recombinant DNA work at the University of Michigan MUST be approved by the Biological Research Review Committee. Your PI needs to check a box in 'PI Administration' asserting that he/she has complied with these regulations. The fix is easy - go to 'PI Admiistration' and check the 'BRRC' box.

Sorry - this PILogin has been disabled. (or perhaps "This Login has been disabled")

For administrative reasons, your PI's name has been disabled to prevent sample submission. As the screen indicates, you need to contact the Core Director to remedy this.

The most common reason for a lab user to be disabled is due to excessive numbers of email errors coming into the Core when trying to send out results. If this is the case, here's a web site that explains one common cause of email problems: