You received an email but it contained no sequence information

This occurs either when the samples have failed and generated no sequence, or in certain cases when the computer simply could not find the results files.

Did the Core technicians send you any explanatory comments?

If your sequence failed, it may have generated no sequence data at all. The technicians should have said something ("no bands", "uninterpretable data", "only baseline noise", "bands too dim to analyze"). Check the email for a comment like these, and if its there, the problem is in the actual sequencing steps, not simply a computer glitch.

No comments in there?

If there are no comments AND no sequence, you need to contact the Core and ask about it. This is clearly a mistake on our part, and should be easily fixed.

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If you have any questions of comments, please contact Dr. Robert Lyons, Director of the DNA Sequencing Core.