I think the Core may have made a mistake with my samples

So - you've considered all the possibilities, and you believe the problem is in the Core's handling of your samples.

While we are proud of our exceptionally low rate of error, we are human. If the error was ours, we'll certainly do whatever we can to correct the situation. We'd be glad to repeat the sample to find out if there was a mix-up, with the following conditions:
  • You must contact us as soon as possible - within 2-3 days, so that there is a good chance we still have your original samples.

  • We need to resequence the original  sample in its original  tube. Sorry, but you may not substitute samples, or make fresh dilutions. If that were allowed, we would not be able to determine whether we really made a mistake or not.
  • Similarly, if you used any custom primer, we require the original primers in their original tubes as well.
  • If the repeat sequencing works, then clearly we blew it the first time, and you will not be charged for the repeat.
  • If however your sample fails a second time, then we must assume the problem was with your sample, and we must charge you for not only the original run, but DOUBLE charge for the repeat, due to the extra effort involved.

Please note: two "identical" sequencing reactions may differ slightly, but noticeably. A repeat may produce marginally better results than the first run, but if in our judgment it doesn't indicate that we goofed on the first run, we will assume we did not.

Please email the Core Director stating that you have read the above and agree to the conditions. State which exact sample numbers and which primers you wish to have repeated. The Director will initiate the repeats.

Please contact the Core Director, Robert Lyons, either by telephone (764-8531)
or by email if you want to request a repeat run.
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