In Case of Trouble

Because sequencing is a complicated process, there are many things that can go wrong. In addition, the computerized sample tracking system simplifies life for clients and Core workers alike, but it introduces its own failure points.

What's the basic problem? Click on the choice below that's most applicable to your situation.

    1. I'm not getting any email results.
    2. My Login has been disabled due to email errors.
    3. The email I get comes back without sequence data.
    4. My sequence is pretty good, but there are some problem spots....
    5. The results I get are poor or uninterpretable.
    6. My lanes are blank.
    7. My primer works fine in PCR - why can't you sequence with it?
    8. I think the Core may have made a mistake with my samples.
    9. We are getting billed erroneously

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If you have any questions of comments, please contact Dr. Robert Lyons, Director of the DNA Sequencing Core.