Submitting Samples for Sequencing

This document describes how to submit samples for DNA sequencing, how to check
the status of samples you have submitted, and what to do if you are not allowed
to submit samples.

To submit samples:

  1. Connect to the Sequencing Core's computer.
    (You apparently already know how to do this, since you are reading this document.)

  2. Click on 'Submit Samples'.

  3. You will next be asked for your PI's 'login' and your own 'login'. Usually these are just your PI's
    last name and your own last name. There are no passwords required for sample submission; if
    your name is listed as one of the PI's lab members, you'll be allowed to submit samples for

  4. The next screen will either allow you to choose among multiple accounts (if more than one is
    available to you) OR if only one account is available to you, it will tell you so. Choose one of
    the accounts (if your are given a choice) and then click 'Continue' to proceed.

  5. You'll then be asked for information about each sample:

    For each sample, you will enter the following information:

    Sample Code Name:
    This is entirely up to you - enter something here that helps you remember
    what you call this sample.
    DNA Type Code:
    We need to know the type of DNA to help assess whether the sequencing was
    Vector Used:
    This isn't as important, but useful in some cases.
    Insert size:
    This isn't too important, but again useful once in a while.
    Click on whichever primers we should use, and click as many of them as you
    want. If you choose 'Custom' primers, make sure you indicate how many
    custom primers you have.
    Other Requests: Don't ignore these!
    • Save DNA - click here if we should keep any residual DNA to be returned
      to you. (Note: we cannot return unused DNA to off-campus clients.)

  6. When done entering the sample, click 'Save Sample'.

  7. On the next screen, you can:

When you click the 'Exit' button, the system will list all the samples you have submitted, and will
assign each a tracking number ("sample number"). PLEASE write the tracking numbers (or at
least the last 4 digits) directly on the appropriate sample and primer tubes. Note that your custom
primers (if any) get the same numbers, suffixed with 'P1', 'P2' etc. See the confirmation email (sent
to you when you 'Exit' from the Sample Submission routine) for specific suggestions.

See the next section, How Do I Label My Samples?.

If you have problems submitting samples, please see Sample Submission Problems .