Checking the Status, Editing or Deleting Submitted Samples

This document describes how to check the status of samples you have submitted to see if they are still
waiting, or currently running, or if they are completed. You can also edit or delete those samples that
are not yet listed as 'Running'. Here's How:

  1. Connect to our web site.

  2. Click on "My Samples".

  3. You will be asked your PI's login name and your own login name. (These are usually just last names.)

  4. The next page will show a list of samples categorized as follows:

    • 'Entered': Any samples you have logged into the computer, but have not delivered to the Core.

    • 'Queued':Any samples in the Core's custody, currently awaiting processing.

    • 'Running': Any samples currently being processed.

    • 'Done': Any samples that were finished in the last few days. This last category may also include
      samples that were done previously if we have recently replaced the results files on our download
      server. Note you can click on a sample number to see the technician's comments regarding this lane.

    You can also:

    • Get more information about that sample (DNA name, date submitted, status, etc.).
      Just click on the sample number.

    • Edit any sample. Click on the sample number, choose 'Update Sample' from the pulldown menu,
      fill in the PI's password, then make any desired changes, and click 'Submit' at the bottom of the form.

    • Delete any sample. After you click on a sample number, choose 'Delete Sample' from the pulldown menu,
      fill in the PI's password, and click 'Submit' at the bottom of the form.

    Note: You are not allowed to edit or delete a sample once it is listed as "Running" or "Done".

    Forgotten the password? Click here.

Explanation of the Possible Sample Status Codes:

Your sample is listed as 'Expected':
You have entered this sample into the computer but we have not received it yet. If you feel this is in error, please contact
the Sequencing Core Clerk (734-764-1461) immediately.

Your sample is listed as 'Queued':
The sample has been accepted by the Clerk and entered into our queue, but we have not yet begun processing on it.

Your sample is listed as 'Running':
We've at least assigned your sample a place on an upcoming gel. Usually once the sample is listed as 'running', you
will see the results in about 2 business days (however, see the Turnaround page for possibly more up-to-date estimates).
Note that a sample listed as 'running' may be at any number of stages in processing.

Your sample is listed as 'Done':
The analysis is done, and the results have been made available to you (text email was sent and the chromatogram file is
on the web site). Samples are kept in the 'Done' list for only about 14 days.

Your sample is not listed:
The processing has been completed (results returned as above) more than 14 days ago, OR the sample was never logged
into our computer. Did you receive email confirmation of the submission? If not, it was never entered into our computer.

Please address inquiries to the Core Director, Dr. Robert Lyons. Last revision: 03-Jan-04