The U-M DNA Sequencing Core's Privacy Policy

The University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core respects your privacy and the proprietary nature of your work. We strive to provide a service to the U of M community without compromising your personal information, the nature of your work, or your ability to compete. This document details our policy regarding how we use and protect your personal information and your experimental data. This document also describes the limits of what we can do to protect your privacy.

We do not distribute your contact information outside of the Core.

The Core staff has access to your email address, telephone number and mailing address. We use these only to contact you with respect to Sequencing Core business. We will never give your contact information to vendors, mailing lists or telemarketers.

We will not share your lab password with anyone outside the Core.

The password chosen by your PI (or perhaps by a senior lab member) grants access to personal information of everyone in the lab, and to the lab's sequencing data and billing records. In keeping with our privacy policy, will will not give the password to anyone outside your lab and the Core.

Two important points regarding passwords: (i) the Core staff can and does routinely see those passwords, so you should NEVER use a password that you use elsewhere in protecting important data; and (ii) it is a fact of life that lab members forget passwords; consequently, the Core Staff MAY opt to give the password to someone who is listed as a lab member. At our discretion, we may refuse to do so, or we may notify the PI regarding attempts to get the password.

We assume, however, that your lab password is known to all legitimate members of your lab.

Anyone who uses the Core legitimately needs to have the lab password in order to download recent results and to edit or delete samples they have entered into our computer.

We will attempt to prevent unauthorized persons from using your account numbers.

We protect access to your accounts by (i) limiting access to just one PI, (ii) strictly enforcing the password-protected access, (iii) allowing the PI to designate who in their lab can spend money from each account, (iv) reporting to the PI any suspicious email addresses or unusual use patterns. We expect the PI to examine billing records critically in order to identify suspicious use patterns.

Your sequence data will not be given to anyone outside your lab.

Our servers are password-protected to prevent unauthorized access, and we will never give out your data to anyone who is not a member of your lab. Note, however, that no networked computer is absolutely secure. For any security precaution we might invoke, there exists a way to circumvent it. Within this limit, however, we will always strive to protect your data from access by unauthorized personnel. NOTE that if you request a print-out of a chromatogram, you are automatically giving others a means to see your data while it sits in our pick-up bins.

Access to billing information is granted only to those who need it.

Only the following people have a legitimate need to see the list of billings you have generated while using the DNA Sequencing Core: (i)lab members, (ii) Departmental administrators, (iii) the U-M accounting teams, and (iv) Core staff members. You designate an administrative department for each account number in our system (usually it's the department in which you have your primary appointment).
THE INEVITABLE FINE-PRINT: This document describes our best-faith efforts at protecting the rights and privacy of our clients. We must emphasize that this is ONLY a best-faith effort; no warranty is expressed or implied by this document, nor will the Director or employees of the DNA Sequencing Core be held legally responsible for breaches of the policies stated above. We direct any questions regarding our legal liability to the University of Michigan legal department.