The Principal Investigator's Responsibilities

The PI (or a person designated by the PI) is responsible for maintaining the records in our computer for his/her lab. This affects such crucial things as whether you are allowed to use the Seq Core at all, how much you are charged, and who in your lab can submit samples. Please ensure that *someone* in your lab is occasionally doing the following tasks.

All of the tasks listed below start from the PI Administration Main Menu. You log into the PI Administration page using your PI Login name (usually your last name) and your lab password (it's the same password everyone in your lab uses for downloading recent results files, or for editing or deleting submitted samples. If you can't remember it, click here). You'll get a menu of buttons from which to proceed with the following tasks. A description of these buttons is found on another page.


We need to have current account numbers! We can't tell when your grant expires - YOU have to tell US by entering the correct expiration date for each account. We'll block use of your account after its expiration, and your financial administrators will thank you. From PI Administration, click on 'Accounts', then click on the account you need to change. Please heed any notes in red.


You, the PI, are responsible for ensuring that your lab members request any appropriate discounts AT THE TIME THE SAMPLE SUBMISSION FORM IS FILLED OUT. Please make sure they pay attention to this! You are the only one who knows what samples should legitimately be given, say, the RDCC discount, or the Cancer Center discount, or whatever. The Center administrators give you *permission* to use their discount (and I enter that into the computer), but you and/or your lab members must do one of the following:

  • During Sample Submission, the lab member can select the Center Discount from the pull-down menu


  • the PI (or appointed representative) can set up a default center discount for each account number. For directions, see /sites/default/files/html/discounts.html.

The link above also gives lots of general information about the center Discount system, and is worth reading. Please note that the PI Admin system allows you to verify (after the fact) that your lab members have been requesting discounts. Please see here for instructions. Note that we will not apply center discounts retroactively!

Lab Members:

As people come and go from your lab, the list we have of lab members should be updated. I'm sure you don't want your ex-technician charging sequencing to your accounts. From PI Administration, click on 'Lab Members', and you can 'Add Lab Members' or click on people's names to delete them from your list. The PI can also edit the email address and telephone number for any lab members; again, just click on the name to edit it. Make sure you enter the PI's password in the blank at the bottom of the page before clicking the 'Modify' button.

IMPORTANT! For each lab member, you get a list of checkboxes that indicate from which of your accounts they are allowed to spend. IF YOU DO NOT CHECK ANY OF THESE BOXES, THAT LAB MEMBER DOES NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE ANY OF YOUR ACCOUNTS. They cannot submit samples for sequencing.

Institutional Biosafety Committee:

This committee is charged with ensuring that the University of Michigan complies with the guidelines for recombinant DNA research. All labs working with recombinant DNA must have approval from the IBC. Unless you check this box, we cannot accept samples from your lab.


Are you actually getting the discounts on your sequencing? Is someone from your lab over-using the Sequencing Core? or billing to an inappropriate account? Someone should be checking!

The Sequencing Core sends out its bills at the start of each month for the previous month's business. This is all done electronically via the M-Pathways System, a paperless system. Before M-Pathways, you would see at least a gross overview of the charges on your Transfer Voucher. To replace Transfer Vouchers, we have two ways for you to check the validity of your billings:

  • The PI can see pending or past billings via the PI Administration menu by clicking on 'Billing'.
  • Your Departmental financial officer can also view old billings via the Core's web site, using a special page designed for that purpose: the Department Administration page.

Actually, this system is much better than the old Transfer Voucher system, because you can get a lot more detail about the charges, your Financial admins can get it too, and there's no paperwork to file or lose.

For general information on the DNA Sequencing Core, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.
All questions and comments should be directed to Dr. Robert Lyons, Director, DNA Sequencing Core.