Organizing Your Samples

How can I BEST organize my samples so I don't confuse the Core Technicians?

Our technicians handle many thousands of individual sample tubes in a day, and they do so with a
remarkably low error rate. Nonetheless, if you give us samples that are not well organized in a
way that makes sense to us, the chance of a mistake is greatly increased. Here are some guidelines
for avoiding problems:

As always, remember:
  • Your samples MUST be in 1.5 ml flip-top microfuge tubes.
  • PLEASE no stick-on labels or tape.
  • Avoid extraneous numbers or other markings.

Group samples that share common primers.
If they are grouped together, they can share the same primer tube(s). Less pipetting
for you, less tube-opening for us.

Plan to sequence one template with multiple primers? DON'T split that template into multiple tubes!
Just make sure there's enough volume in the one template tube to do all the primers,
and request all the applicable primers when you fill out the Sample Submission form.

Whatever you call your primers is irrelevent to us.
You may call your three primers 'p1', 'p2' and 'p3', but if each is to be used on
different samples, they are all 'p1' to us! The first primer for any given sample
is always a 'p1', the second is the 'p2', etc.

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