What if I'm a Member of Multiple Centers?

Perhaps you are hoping that you can get free sequencing by requesting multiple discounts at once. Sorry, but we allow only one discount per sample. You can, however, switch between multiple Center discounts whenever you deem it appropriate.

Some comments on how and why to do this:

You should already know how...
...to set up the default discount for an account. Do this for EACH of your accounts in our records. Don't know how? Back to this page. You should also be aware that you can override the default and select any available discount at the time of Sample Submission. Just look for a pull-down menu labeled 'Choose Center Discount:'.

Choosing that One Discount:
You can use whatever discount you feel is appropriate for the sample. Most Centers like to believe that you're using their money for Center-appropriate research. They also usually 'cap' how much discount you receive. When you've used your share, that discount ends (until the Center's next Fiscal Year).

What to do when you hit the 'cap' on one Center:
The technician who submits that last lucky sample will get a message in big red letters stating that the discount they're using has terminated. Their next sample will now default to 'No Discount Selected' unless they do something. They should select another from the pull-down menu on the 'Sample Submissions' page. At first opportunity, the PI (or the PI's designated representative - or ANYONE in the lab) should use the PI Administration pages to assign a new default discount to that account number.

Should I switch Centers occasionally?
Yes, it is a good idea to switch centers occasionally. Most Centers justify their existence by demonstrating that their members USE their services. If you ignore a Center for which you are eligible, they have a harder time on the next competitive renewal. Do everyone a favor - spread your use of discounts among all the Centers to which you are entitled.

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