My files are missing from the Data Server! Why??

There are several possibilities why you might not find a data file on our server.
Please consider:

Did you verify that the sample was in fact completed?

Use the 'PI Administration' section to verify the status of your desired sample. You may also be able to verify its status via the 'My Samples' section of our web site, or via the email you would have received upon completion (assuming the sample was in fact submitted under your own name).

Did your sample actually generate some results, or might it have failed??

Use the 'PI Administration' section of our web site, search for your sample, and if it is 'Completed', check the left-most column, where any comments from our technicians will be displayed. If they say something like 'No bands, no data', then your sample failed, and there will be no files returned to you. Note that you should have received this information via email as well, as long as the sample was submitted under your own name.

Was your sample completed more than 2 weeks ago?

Due to space limitations on our server, we leave files there for only two weeks, after which they are automatically deleted. To obtain old files after that deadline, please click here.