Every prospective client should read at LEAST the following FAQs:

If you want to submit samples to the University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core, you MUST read the instructions! The following links give the MOST ESSENTIAL information, the bare minimum that we expect every client will know before attempting to submit samples here.

University of Michigan Clients Read This:
  1. How do I sign up?
  2. What are the PI's responsibilities?
  3. How does the PI perform those tasks?

NON-University of Michigan Clients Read The Following ... THEN Read the Above Section:

  1. How do I (a non-UM researcher) sign up?
  2. EXTERNAL CLIENTS: Where and how to mail samples.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THESE: How to prepare samples for sequencing:

  1. What primers does the Core provide?
  2. The correct concentration and volume for your template(s) and primer(s).
THE CRUCIAL STEP: Submitting your samples:
  1. How do I log my samples in? (How do I get a sample number?)
  2. What kind of tubes should I use? Can I use plates?
  3. How do I label my samples?
  4. Where do I drop off my samples for the Core?
  5. How do I check the status of my samples?

About your results:

  1. How will I get my sequence back?
  2. How do I get my chromatogram file?
  3. How do I interpret the results?

In Case of Problems:

  1. What do I do in case of problems?

For comments or suggestions, please contact Robert H. Lyons (boblyons@umich.edu)
Last updated 6-Feb-06