Where to SHIP or MAIL Submitted Samples (External Clients Only)

I. Tube Type, Proper Labeling, etc:
  • All samples MUST be in 1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Flip-Top Tubes (e.g. 'Eppendorf'-style tubes).
    • Do not use Screw-Cap microfuge tubes. Our techs need to be able to open these QUICKLY!
1.5 ml Microcentrifuge Flip-Top Tubes

1.5 ml Tube and 0.5 ml Tube Screw Cap Tube
  • Every tube MUST have a unique Sample Number clearly written directly on the tube before it is shipped.
    See our instructions on how tubes should be labeled.
    See your confirmation email for sample numbers and primer codes.
  • Please use a BLACK marker only. Colored markers can be very difficult to read under lab lighting. That black pen should be dark and legible, please. Throw away your worn-out pens!
  • Do not use stick-on labels or tape of any kind. They fall off in our freezers or jam the tubes in the centrifuges.
  • Please do not use Parafilm to seal your tubes. It isn't necessary, and in fact parafilm can actually pull lids open during shipment! In general, we have found it unnecessary to use any such material at all, as long as your samples are physically protected against impact (see below).
  • Each tube MUST have at least 10 ul in it.
    • Multiply that amount by the number of reactions for that sample - e.g. for 4 primers we need 40 ul sample volume. See your confirmation e-mail for specific quantities.
  • Enclose your microfuge tubes in a rigid enclosure to protect them during shipment. Padded envelopes are not sufficient. Possible enclosures:
    • 50 ml disposable screw-cap tubes (e.g. Falcon or Corning tubes)
    • Used pipette boxes (remove the tip-support grid)
    • Old 35 mm slide boxes are perfect for 4-6 tubes

A 50-ml tube can safely hold up to 6 tubes. Please do not overfill it or the tubes inside may still break during shipping.
50-ml tube

Below are two examples of sample boxes that can be used for shipping:
1.5 ml Tube and 0.5 ml Tube Screw Cap Tube

A used/emptied pipette tip box is a good example of an ideal container in which to ship your sample tubes. Please do not overfill the box or the tubes inside may still break during shipping.
Pipette tip box

II. Mailing Instructions:
  • Mailing address:
UM DNA Sequencing Core
NCRC Building 14 Rm 122
University of Michigan
2800 Plymouth Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800

Phone: 734-764-1461 (Sample Clerk)

If you are a non-University client, you probably will be sending samples via mail or a package delivery service. It is NOT necessary to send samples on dry ice or even wet ice, as long as they are not contaminated with nucleases. Overnight (express) shipping is probably a good idea, but it is not essential; we receive many samples via standard (non-express) postal service, and they sequence very well. If you want to be careful, use an express delivery service.

Caution: If you enter your samples into our computer, but don't send them right away, after 3 business days we will automatically DEMOTE them to a LOWER PRIORITY. This means they will go to the end of our queue, to be processed only if no other samples are in line. Avoid this by sending us your samples right away!

Please do not ship samples to arrive on weekends or holidays!

Thank you for your interest in the University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core.

Please address any comments, questions, or suggestions to: Dr Robert Lyons (boblyons@umich.edu)
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