What will I get for my money?

How much sequence will I get?

Please be aware that we provide a raw sequencing service; in other words, we will perform basic sequencing reactions (one template sequenced with one primer) for you, and will return the data to you. If the DNA you need sequenced is too large or too complicated for that simple service, then you will need to perform some steps to prepare simpler samples (e.g. PCR amplify small target regions, or shotgun-clone your sample) before you can submit them here.

Our sequencers typically give 800+ nt (or more) read lengths FOR GOOD DNA SAMPLES . We will repeat any samples that fail due to problems in our own procedures or instruments, but we do not accept responsibility for poor results arising from improperly prepared templates or primers, or from improperly designed experiments. See our repeat policy for further information.

Note that it is critical for all clients to examine their sequence carefully and identify the limits of accurate sequence and potential error sites. Sequencing is NOT error-free! Please see Interpretation of Chromatograms for further discussion. To download chromatograms, go to the Core's Home Page and click on Download Results . Please note that we no longer provide hard-copy printouts of sequencing chromatograms. Click here for more information.

The comment about GOOD DNA samples is an important one. The quality of your DNA prep will almost always be the limiting factor in our read lengths. Template concentration is very important, and it's easy to make a mistake on it. For example, see why spectrophotometers can give misleading results. Contaminants are an issue too. For example, contaminants that are known to cause serious problems include:

  • Multiple templates
  • free NTP's
  • EDTA
  • Divalent cations
  • Detergents
  • Primers from previous steps (e.g. PCR primers)

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Please direct any questions of comments to Dr. Robert Lyons, Director of the DNA Sequencing Core.