New Clients of the DNA Sequencing Core

To begin to use the Sequencing Core, we need some basic information about you and your lab:
  1. Who is your PI (department, phone, email and address)
  2. Who are you (name, address, email)
  3. What account(s) will sequencing be billed to.
The PI (or more often some senior member of the lab) enters this basic information into our computer using the 'PI Administration System' (described below). Once that's been completed, you are ready to submit samples.

If your PI is already entered into our computer, and you just want to know how to submit samples, click here.
If your PI is already entered into our computer, and you just need to know how to update lab records, click here.
If you are not yet in our system, continue reading below.

The first time you connect to our computer, you will need to enter some information about the Principal Investigator, his/her accounts and the members of the lab group.

From the Sequencing Core Home Page, click on PI Administration, then on New PI.

  • You are first asked for the PI's forename and surname.

    We need to make sure the PI is not already entered into our system. If they are new to the computer, you'll be allowed to proceed.
    If the computer finds your PI has already been entered, please do not attempt to enter them again.

  • You are then asked for information about the PI:

    Enter the PI's information:
    Enter his/her name, address, email, and telephone number in the form. Make sure that these are all correct - they should be the PI's telephone number and email, not a lab member's!
    NOTE that if the PI is not in the U-M, you should enter their department as "external", regardless of their affiliation in their home institution.

    When you choose a password:
    WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE, since it is needed any time you need to edit the PI's information at a later date, and is also used by the lab members whenever they edit or delete submitted samples, or when they download the results.

    NOTE: The password you choose will be needed by any members of the lab who submit samples for sequencing, and can also be displayed by SeqCore Staff. Please do NOT use your Kerberos password, or any other high-security password!

    After you enter the PI's information:
    you are told their 'login name'. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THE PI's LOGIN NAME. It is usually just the PI's surname (without apostrophes, etc.) but in event of duplicate names, it will be prepended with one or more letters from the PI's forename.

  • You will then be asked for an account to which sequencing can be charged. (unless you are a non-UM client)

    The PI can keep a list of up to 6 accounts to which sequencing reactions may be charged. Each account has a start date, an end date, an Identifier and a "Center ID". Each account may also have a list of lab members who are allowed to spend that money.

    Start Date:
    You won't be allowed to charge samples to an account before it's start date. Other than this, it's not important what you enter here.

    End Date:
    After the end date, the account can no longer be used to charge samples. You should try to use the real end date for the account, if at all possible, as it provides some protection against overspending accounts with fixed termination dates such as federal grant accounts.

    Account Identifier:
    This is up to you. It's there only so you can remember what each account is.

    Center ID:
    Each account may be eligible for discount rates due to its affiliation with certain Research Centers or other groups. You will be given the opportunity to designate a center affiliation, if appropriate. If you are not a member of any of the groups listed, please select 'na' for 'not affiliated'. If you are unsure, please use 'na' and you can later update the account as appropriate.

  • Finally, you are given a "PI Adminstration" menu from which you can add names of lab personnel who may submit samples for sequencing.

    Click on "Lab Members". You'll get a menu from which you may add names of people in your lab, indicate who can spend money from which of your accounts (assuming you've entered more than one account) or delete lab members.

    There's no need to enter the PI - S/he is automatically considered a lab member.

  • When you have entered all the information, click on "Save New User".

Important! Someone in the lab needs to take charge of keeping the SeqCore's records up to date. Please click here to see how.

All set? Perhaps you now want to know how to submit samples. Click here.