Correcting or Editing Samples Previously Submitted

While your sample is waiting in the queue, you can go back to it and edit it to correct mistakes.
You can, for example, add a Center discount, add or remove primers, change the priority to 'Rush',
or alter the name. You can even delete the sample entirely, if you decide you no longer want it

To Edit or Delete a submitted sample, use the page My Samples:

  1. Connect to our web site.

  2. Click on "My Samples" (or click the link above).

  3. You will be asked your PI's login and your own login. (These are usually just last names.)

  4. If you have samples currently waiting for processing, they will be displayed in the resulting page.

    You may click on any sample number to do the following:

    • Get complete information about that sample (DNA name, date submitted, status, etc.).
    • Edit any of the above information. *** You will be required to supply the PI's password. ***
    • Delete the sample. *** You will be required to supply the PI's password. ***

Note: You are not allowed to edit or delete a sample once it is listed as "Running" or "Completed".
You are also not allowed to add a custom primer once the sample is Queued (i.e. you've delivered
the samples to the Core. You can, however, delete a custom primer before the sample is listed
as 'Running'.

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