What are the Capabilities and Responsibilities of
the Departmental Financial Representatives?

Each Department in our database has one representative (or sometimes a few) who can access a password-protected area of the Sequencing Core's web site and can thereby obtain Department-specific financial information. With it, you can resolve SOA's or obtain backup documentation of transactions.

They can, for example:

  • View a list of Principal Investigators and Account Numbers listed with the Core for their department;
  • Examine charges hitting any of the accounts in their control from the Sequencing Core, and obtain detailed breakdown of the samples and dates of processing.
  • Disable account numbers that should not be used to charge sequencing (e.g. expired grants, spent-out accounts).

Who can perform these tasks?
Anyone who has the Departmental password is capable of performing the administrative functions listed above. I suggest you give that password only to one or two people who know the accounts, the investigators and their purchasing patterns.

How do you perform these tasks?
All Departmental Admin functions are performed from the Departmental Administration page. Click on that link, choose your department from the pop-up list, and enter the department's password. You'll get a set of buttons that do all the tasks listed above.

Who should be given the Departmental password?
You may give the password to any number of people in your office. With that password, however, one can see many details about account numbers and spending that perhaps should not be made generally available. I suggest that you give the password to just one or two people who actually have responsibility for resolving SOAs with the charges.

How is the Departmental password set?
The Core Director initially sets the departmental password for you. Anyone with that password can then change it, using the Departmental Administration pages of our web site.

We've forgotten our Departmental password - what should we do?
Please contact the Core Director (Dr. Robert Lyons). He can reset the password to whatever you choose.

Some account numbers are missing from our list - what do we do?
Each PI chooses an 'Administering Department' for each account entered into our system. If they chose an inappropriate department, then the wrong administrator will see it on their list. If you don't see a shortcode you expect to see, then contact the PI and ask them to edit their accounts to change the 'Administering Department'.

Some Investigators are missing from our list - what do we do?
That PI probably has not listed *any* of their shortcodes to be administered by your department. Please see the above item for how to fix this. Note that a PI chooses a default departmental affiliation for themselves. This default may have been poorly chosen! The PI should fix this.

There are some accounts (or investigators) here who should NOT be on our list!
This most likely arises when a PI chooses an inappropriate department for their accounts. Probably there is someone who would very much like to have that account on their own list! Please contact the PI and ask him/her to change the 'Administering Department' for those shortcodes.