Cost of the Sequencing Core's Sanger Automated DNA Sequencing Service

The DNA Sequencing Core charges University of Michigan researchers a flat rate of
per sample (where one 'sample' is one template sequenced with one primer).

Possible Discounts or Surcharges





UMich Comprehensive Cancer Center

50% $1200/yr

Based on
Each Center's
Fiscal Year

Bulk (96-well plate) discounts

You will pay only $2.40 per sample if:
  • You submit your samples in 96-well plates
  • All 96 wells are used
  • All wells are sequenced under the same conditions
    (same primer(s) and DNA type)
  • Your plate must be sealed with 'clear adhesive film'
More details here.

Large projects
(e.g. thousands of samples)

We can provide very competitive prices for large-scale projects.
To negotiate a special large-scale discount, contact the Core Director.
More details here here.

siRNA Constructs or
Large Constructs

When you select a template type of 'siRNA Construct' or 'Large Construct', we use special reaction conditions that double the cost, so $6.00 per sample for UM affiliates.

Information on how to get a Center discount listed above.

Information on how the Core sets the recharge rates.

NON-UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN RESEARCHERS are sometimes accepted as clients, depending on our current backlog.
They pay a 29% surcharge over our regular single-sample rates (no discounts are available for off-campus clients). Please see Non-University Clients of the DNA Sequencing Core for further information.

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