Using the DNA Sequencing Core's Computers

The DNA Sequencing Core uses its computer systems to track all samples, prioritize their processing and return the results to the investigators by email. In addition, the computer produces the monthly billings and generates essential reports documenting the Core's operation.

If you want to submit samples to the core, you'll need to be able to:

The following document describes how to do these steps.

  1. Connecting to the SeqCore Computer

    Since you are reading this document, you apparently have access to a web browser.
    After you read the following information, to go to the Core's Home Page
    and click on Submit Samples to begin submission.

  2. The first time you connect - what to do (how to open your account with us).

  3. Organize your samples before logging them into our computer.

  4. Entering your samples into the SeqCore computer.

  5. Labeling your samples for submission to the Sequencing Core.

Robert Lyons ( 16-Apr-96