Can I Get Bulk Discounts for Large Projects?

Under some circumstances, we provide for discounts based on large-scale sequencing.

There are two levels of discount available.

Basic 96-well plates

Anyone can submit samples in a full, 96-well plate, and we will sequence them at a 17% discount (currently that is $2.50 per lane, as of 01-Dec-15). To be eligible for this discount:

  • Plate-discounted samples are run at lower priority than normal samples. That is, in part, why we provide these discounts.
  • Your 96-well plate must be FULL (or nearly so). We WILL sequence every well, so empty wells cost you money!
  • All wells must be sequenced identically (i.e. with the same primer or primers). We must be able to multi-channel pipette these samples, so we can only allow very limited flexibility in this requirement.
  • To enter your plate into our system, follow these steps. Go to "Submit Samples", choose "Submit Sequencing Samples", log in, select an account, then click "Submit Plate" at the top of the screen.
  • Be sure to seal your plate with 'clear adhesive film'.
  • All other guidelines are still applicable, such as minimum volumes, concentrations etc.

A few other points of which you should be aware:

  • You CAN, at your option, leave some empty wells. We WILL sequence them, and we WILL CHARGE YOU FOR THEM, so you lose the advantage of this discount if more than 10% of your wells are empty.
  • Your samples will be given a systematic name, with a prefix (which you specify) followed by the well ID (A01, A02, C12, etc). For example if your plate is named with the prefix 'HMN' your samples will be called 'HMN_A01', HMN_A02', etc.
  • You won't know the range of sample numbers until they are running. They are assigned internally at the time the samples are run.
  • You won't see your samples listed in the queue until they are running.

Negotiated High-Volume Discounts

In some cases, we can provide substantial additional discounts, based on the size of a project and based on certain cost-cutting methods we may be able to employ. Talk to the Director to discuss what options may be available. In general, all of the cost-cutting measures have potential drawbacks, and we work out which ones will still give outstanding results with YOUR samples. You agree only to those cost-cutting measures that work for you, and you can save a considerable amount of money on large projects.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  • Negotiated discounts can only come into play when you submit enough samples simultaneously to justify our effort in testing or developing lower-cost procedures that will work with your samples. Generally this means at least 10 96-well plates submitted at one time, with the best discounts only possible when you submit hundreds of plates or even thousands.
  • All samples processed under negotiated discounts are processed at LOWER PRIORITY than regular (numbered tube) samples and also at LOWER PRIORITY than the Basic 96-Well Plate discount described above.
  • Negotiated discounts are valid for a specific project, and are valid only when samples are arriving at an agreed-upon rate per day or week.
  • In general, the final cost is determined by the size of the project, the quality of the samples you send in, and the agreed-upon cost-cutting measures. Discounts can range from 10% to over 50% for especially large projects.

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