What is the IBC (formerly the BRRC), and
Why Do We Need Their Approval?

The University requires that all recombinant DNA research be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC; formerly known as the Biological Research Review Committee). This committee ensures that appropriate review, safety and containment procedures are used for all University of Michigan labs.

Please see the Home Page of the Institutional Biosafety Committee for further details.

The UM DNA Sequencing Core is also subject to the approval of the IBC. In our case, their approval requires primarily that our clients are in turn approved by the IBC. To ensure that our clients have approval, we merely require that the lab's PI check a box asserting that they are so. Please see the list of The Principal Investigator's Responsibilities for more information on what the PI should do.

If you have not checked the IBC box, we cannot accept samples from your lab.