We Haven't Used the Sequencing Core in Quite a While

What do we need to do to bring our records up to date and start sequencing again?

Undoubtedly some of your personnel and account records are out of date, plus there have been some changes in the Sequencing Core's operations that require you to do some minor upkeep. Here's what you (the PI) should do:

All of the following tasks are performed in the PI Administration section of our web site. Enter your PILogin name (usually just your last name) and your lab password. If you don't remember your password, go here.

Check the IBC Box (formerly the 'BRRC' box)

Since August of 2000, we have been required by the University's Institutional Biosafety Committee (formerly known as the Biological Research Review Committee) to ensure that all our clients have received their approval to perform recombinant DNA research. Unless you have IBC approval, we cannot accept your samples. Click here for the IBC's web page.

If you have received approval, then log on to PI Administration , click on 'PI Info', and look for the IBC box. It will look like this:

Put a check-mark in the 'IBC' box and click 'Save Changes'.

Update your Accounts

You need to enter any new account numbers and check the expiration dates of existing account numbers, updating them as necessary. Our computer will NOT allow you or your lab members to charge sequencing to an account after the expiration date you yourself have entered.

From the PI Administration page, click on 'Accounts'. Click on any account number you want to edit, or click 'Add Account' to enter new account numbers. Make sure you click checkboxes that grant spending permission to your lab members before you click 'Save New Account' or 'Save Account Changes'.

Update the list of Lab Members

You need to delete people who have left your lab and enter anyone who has joined your lab and who needs to be able to submit samples in your name.

Click on 'Lab Members'. Click on names you want to edit or delete, or click on 'Add User' to enter new people. Make sure you click the checkboxes that grant your people permission to spend money from specific accounts before clicking 'Save New User' or 'Save User Changes'.