Sequencing Core Data Archives

The DNA Sequencing Core keeps all old sequencing data in archival storage. While we do not keep all your old runs available on the FTP server (our 'Access Recent Results' section), we DO still have the old runs and can retrieve them for you on request.

Our actual sequencing data goes back to late 1993, with almost all of it searchable via our sample-tracking database. The Core Staff can restore your old records for you. Note that the lab PI can use the 'PI Administration' pages to search for old database records. This can help us find your data faster (see below).

To get old data, please email the Core Director with your request.

Here are some possible ways we may be able to search the old records:

Sample number
This is the easiest, most reliable way to locate old sample records. Please provide us with sample numbers, if at all possible.

Gel Number and Lane Number
These are written on the top of the printed chromatograms as a pair of numbers like '1263 22'. This is the second most reliable way of finding your old data.

Sample name
What was it you called that sample? Note that capitalization is significant, though, so this may be more difficult if the person who submitted it was fond of capitalizing letters in unexpected places.

The PI's login name and the approximate date of processing.
We can pull up a list of all samples from a given period. If there aren't too many of them, you may be able to figure out which one(s) you need. The PI can get this list too, starting from the 'PI Administration' page and clicking on 'View your recent or old billings'.

Once we find your data, we'll put it on our FTP server. IT WILL AGAIN BE AUTO-DELETED AFTER ABOUT 2 WEEKS! You need to be able to download the file(s) and handle it from there. You'll need the PI's login name (usually just their surname) and the Lab password (PI's password). Please see the 'Access Recent Results' page for instructions on downloading chromatogram files and for suggested programs for viewing them.