Quantitative Real-time PCR (qPCR) Instrument Rental

The core offers 2 or 3 hour blocks of time on each of the qPCR instruments located at C562 MSRB II or the NCRC. The end user is expected to set up qPCR reactions in instrument specific plates (0.1mL 96 well semiskirted plates for the Step One Plus, and either 0.2mL 96 well semiskirted or 384 well PCR plates for the 7900HT instrument). The ready-to-run plates can be dropped off at or before the start time selected when making an appointment. Appointments are cancelable anytime before the appointment start time.


Quantitative Real-time PCR (qPCR) Instrument Rental

qPCR Instrument Rental
qPCR Instrument Rental
Primary Contact

Christopher Krebs, Manager, UM DNA Sequencing Core



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Typical Output

Your results will be emailed to you shortly after your run is completed. The data (Ct-values) will be in the form of a text (.txt) file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel as well as in an instrument-specific format (.sds or .eds) that will require the instrument’s software to open.

How to Request

Reserve a time through the following link: https://client-seqcore.brcf.med.umich.edu/

Bring your plate to the appropriate drop-off location at or before your scheduled appointment. No submission required.

Sample Requirements

The plates must be compatible with the instrument of choice and be in ready-to-run condition when you drop them off.

Please make every effort to drop off your plates BEFORE your scheduled appointment time. Runs with Dissociation (aka. Melt) Curves and cycling conditions that deviate from the default settings ((95-degrees C, 15 sec, 60-degrees C, 1 min) x 40) can result in run times that extend beyond 2 hrs. If at all possible, please use the 11am or 4pm time slots for runs of this nature.

Typical Turnaround

< 24 hrs

Critical Information

Recommended plates for each instrument.

ABI 7900HT:

MicroAmp Optical 384-well Reaction Plate (cat# 4343370)

MicroAmp Optical 96-well Reaction Plate (cat# 4316813)


ABI StepOne Plus

MicroAmp Fast Optical 96-Well Reaction Plate, 0.1 mL (cat# 4346907)

More Information

Users Principle Investigators (PIs) must be registered with the DNA Sequencing Core and have an account (shortcode) that is both active AND listed as an account associated with the PI.