DNA/RNA QC : Qubit Fluorometer

The Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer is capable of measuring the concentration of nucleic acids using Life Technologies Qubit® DNA and RNA quantitation assays. In contrast to the nanodrop, The Qubit® Quantitation Platform, uses fluorescent dyes to measure the concentration of the specific molecules of interest (dsDNA, total nucleic acid, RNA).


DNA/RNA QC : Qubit Fluorometer

Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer
Primary Contact

Christopher Krebs, Manager, UM DNA Sequencing Core



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Typical Output

You will get back the sample's concentration in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

How to Request

Bring your samples to C562 MSRB II or the DNA Sequencing Core in Building 14, NCRC where you will be asked to fill in contact and billing (shortcode) information on an electronic submission form.

Sample Requirements

We request a minimum of 5ul of each sample for analysis. The samples for “QC only” should be in a separate tube from the portion of sample intended for other services within the core. This assists us in minimizing freeze thaw cycles.

Typical Turnaround

24 to 48 hrs

Critical Information

Assay Ranges:

Qubit RNA Assay: 0.25 - 100 ng/ul

Qubit High Sensitivity dsDNA Assay: 0.01 - 100 ng/ul

Qubit Broad Range dsDNA Assay: 0.1 – 1000 ng/ul

Qubit ssDNA Assay: 0.05 – 200 ng/ul

More Information

The Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer utilizes specifically designed fluorometric technology using Molecular Probes® dyes. These fluorescent dyes emit signals

ONLY when bound to specific target molecules, even in the presence of free nucleotides or degraded nucleic acids. Qubit® fluorometric quantitation

provides the most specific and sensitive DNA and RNA quantitation available, even at low concentrations


Link to additional information about the Qubit: http://www.thermofisher.com/content/dam/LifeTech/migration/en/filelibrar...