Illumina HumanMethylation450

Using the Illumina Methylation450 DNA Analysis kit, the DNA Sequencing Core performs high throughput sample Methylation profiling for intact and FFPE bisulfite converted DNA samples. The Core Services for the Illumina BeadArray platform consist of the following: 1). perform InfiniumHD Methylation assay, 2). Record signal intensities with an iScan Scanner, 3). create a GenomeStudio Project for data analysis, and 4). generate reports (Internal controls, SamplesTable, SampleMethylationProfile, GroupMethylationProfile).


Illumina HumanMethylation450

Illumina iScan
Primary Contact

Susan Dagenais, Ph.D.
UM DNA Sequencing Core
Phone: 734-615-8743
Fax: 734-763-8889

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Typical Output

Methylation profiling of >450,000 loci. For generating Methylation Profiles, the iScan is set to record data that can be used with the Illumna GenomeStudio data analysis software as well as other software such packages such as Bioconductor.

How to Request

Sample Submission – Contact Susan Dagenais ( and request a Project Quote. Please indicate the number of samples to be assayed and which Illumina BeadChip kit you would like used for the assay. We will e-mail you a Quote for the Illumina Kit costs and estimated Core Processing fees. Once we a signed Quote, we will place an order with Ilumina, assign a Core Project Number, and you will be sent a BeadArray submission form for sample submission.

Sample Requirements

The client will submit bi-sulfite converted DNA (8-10ul at 50ng/ul). Bi-sulfite converted DNA should be created using the Zymo EZ_DNA_Methylation kit (ZymoResearch) using Illumina incubation conditions (Appendix 6). For FFPE samples, we perform the Illumina FFPE Restoration protocol on bi-sulfite converted DNA submitted by the client.

Typical Turnaround

Typical turnaround time is 1-3 weeks.

Critical Information
  1. The Core will assign Core Sample ID numbers, which you will write on top of 1.5mL tubes containing your samples.
  2. Illumina recommends using the Zymo EZ_DNA_Methylation kit (see link).  In Appendix 6 of the manual, there are conditions to be used for the Illumina platform.  If you start with 500ng of genomic DNA, then elute with 10ul to give 50ng/ul.   If you start with 1000ng of genomic DNA then elute with 20ul.
  3. Illumina recommends using the PicoGreen or Qubit assay to determine the starting concentration of your DNA.
  4. It is recommend that you have all of the DNA collected and concentrations verified before placing an order with Illumina for the kit.
  5. Computer Workstations are available for clients to perform their own analysis using the Illumina GenomeStudio DNA Analysis Software packages.
  6. The Client must perform their own data analysis or consult with a Bio-informatics specialist.
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