PyroMark SNP/Allele Quantification Analysis

PyroMark provides real-time sequence information, highly suitable for genetic analysis. It can be used to determine sequence variation--including single nucleotide polymorphisms and insertions/deletions--generating quantifiable results.


PyroMark SNP/Allele Quantification Analysis

PyroMark Q96 MD and PyroMark Q96 Vacuum Workstation
Primary Contact

Ellen Pedersen

Research Specialist: Sequenom and PyroMark Services

University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core

NCRC Building 14 Room 134


Typical Output

Plate Report (text or Excel file) containing allele quantification percentages and sample/well quality metrics, along with Pyrograms depicting spectra for each well/sample.

How to Request

Contact Dr. Lyons for initial consultation; if he deems project appropriate for PyroMark, contact Ellen Pedersen.

Sample Requirements

Sample prep according to Qiagen’s specifications; Ellen will arrange direct  support from Qiagen to ensure optimization of PCR products prior to sample submission for pyrosequencing.

Typical Turnaround

Depends on project queue; each plate/run requires ~4 hours to process.

Critical Information

If Assay Design is completed by Core, the costs will involve additional labor charges billed @ $76/hr, which will be added to the per plate recharge rate of $320.