Genomic DNA library

Preparation of DNA for sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq. Described here is a library preparation service only. Once the library is prepared, you will also need to request (and pay for) the sequencing of that library.

DNA is fragmented using the Covaris, end repaired, A tailed and the library is amplified by PCR with the Illumina Indexing Primer set, about 20ul of 10nM.


Genomic DNA library

Illumina HiSeq Libraries
Genome Sequencing
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Typical Output

The Wafergen reagents on the Apollo robot will yield an Illumina ready to sequence library with an insert size between 200-550bp.

How to Request
Sample Requirements

Good quality DNA 0.1 to 3ug in 25-50 ul

Typical Turnaround

3 weeks

Critical Information

DNA is sheared by sonication on the Covaris. Sheared DNA is end repaired adapter ligated and PCR amplified.