Download Recent Results - User Identification


You have two choices for downloading files now:

Click here for complete directions.

Just a Few Files: Download Them Via Web

If you have only a few files, it's easiest to use the login screen below to identify your PI. A pop-up box will (again)
ask for your PILogin, along with the lab password. Once you are logged in, you'll get a list of chromatogram and seq
files. Click on a file to download it. NOTE that you can set up your browser to automatically open a chromatogram
viewing program. Click here for some suggested programs.

Lots of Files: Use an FTP Client

Rather than clicking on dozens of files one at a time (as with the web-based download, above, you can get lots of
files quickly using typical FTP clients. Mac users can try Fetch while Windows partisans might try WS-FTP or
FileZilla. Any FTP client should work, though.

Set the host to:

Make sure your FTP client is set to Passive FTP
(Do not use port 8721 - that port has been closed)

NEW: On a trial basis, clients from outside the UM network are now granted access our FTP server!

To download recent results files via
the web, please identify your PI:

Note: Also put the pilogin in the 'User Name' pop-up box
that comes next, along with the Lab Password.
All entries should be in Lower Case

Principal Investigator's Login:

Forgot the Lab Password? Our system will email
it to the PI on request. Click this button:

Please address any comment, questions, or suggestions to
  Robert H. Lyons (boblyons@umich.edu)