Meet the UM DNA Sequencing Core!

I would like to introduce the Sequencing Core team, with whom I am very proud to work: yes, I know the rows are difficult to discern. (I will try to give hints.)

In the front row (left to right), is Craig Johnson (Biostatistician), Tyler Simonds (Affy Specialist), Angela Chidester (Illumina Seq Specialist), Tricia Tamsen (Illumina Seq Specialist), Tina Cartaciano (Affy Specialist) and Jeanne Geskes (Illumina Sequencing Manager, Assistant Director of Technology).

The second row shows David Erdody (DNA Isolation), Doug Warshow (Sample Clerk), Betsy Ketterer (Illumina Seq Tech, wearing a white jacket), David Sheltraw (Illumina Microarray Tech), Leigh Baker (Illumina Seq Tech), and Andrea Kuligowski (Sanger Seq Tech).

In the third row (again L->R) is Chris Krebs (Affymetrix and DNA Isolation Manager, in a dark red shirt), Barry McKay (Sample Clerk, grey beard), Jodi Atkins (Sanger Seq Tech, purple shirt) and Yang Pei (IT specialist, farthest right, in a dark shortsleeved shirt).

Our fourth row includes Kerim Yilmaz (IT/App development, wearing a bright blue shirt), Omer Kocaoglu (IT Manager), Susan Dagenais (Illumina Microarray Tech), Kathy Borysko (PacBio/Sanger Seq Tech), Melissa Coon (Illumina Seq Tech) and Suzanne Genik (Fragment Analysis Tech, light blue jacket).

The final row, in the back, has Robert Lyons (Core Director), Richard Conto (IT System Administrator), Connie Esposito (Manager, Sanger Seq and Assistant Diretor of Core Operations), Chris McHenry (PacBio Seq Tech) and Steven Kerwin (Sanger Seq Tech).

Not shown: Nick Gallagher (Affy Specialist), Ellen Pedersen (Sequenom Specialist) and Jeffrey Handt (Sample Clerk).